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Excelling in Global Fulfillment


Our strategic alliance partnership offers 17 global locations on 5 continents for distribution.  They are an award-winning global supply chain leader, managing and executing our clients’ supply chain distribution with over 18 years of experience servicing Fortune 100 companies.
  • ISO 9000 – since 1998

  • Best-in-class accuracy and on-time

  • Individual pick and pack: 10,000 orders/day

  • Same pick: 100,000 orders/day

  • Custom configuration for optimum flexibility

  • E-commerce pioneer with proprietary and robust back-end systems

  • Flexible front-end, tied into many shopping cart systems

  • Strong reporting, internally and externally

Customized Distribution



Robust Inventory Management and Global Visibility


Service and Reliability- We do whatever it takes to ensure orders are delivered to their final destination.  We take pride in finding a way to make the impossible happen through a positive team atmosphere, use of our expertise, and strategic use of our resources.  Through our fully fully integrated systems, our suppliers are up to date on the status of shipments and movements.
  • Inbound supply chain services that are fully integrated with order processing to allow customers to prioritize orders

  • Robust portal for monitoring and managing supply chain activities

  • Global transparency

  • Real-time inventory and reporting

  • Up-to-the-minute tracking

  • Actionable alerts

  • Exception-based reporting

  • Custom reporting

  • Customizable rule sets for order routing

  • Easily integrates with your systems or your vendor systems

  • Quality control and supplier compliance management

  • Accurate inventory allows customers to rely on figures

  • Ability for postponement allows customers to do last minute configuration without needing extra on-hand inventory

Professional Uniforms & Supplies: All Industries, Sports, Collegiate , Medical Lab Coats, Scrubs, Hospital Gowns & Cause Related Apparel, Facilities, Industrial, Commercial & Construction Supplies

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