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Premier Global End to End Uniform Supply Solution

Salsa Professional Apparel manufactures all types of Uniforms, Sports - Collegiate, Promotional Apparel and Accessories.   We offer Domestic and Import Manufacturing, Custom Design Development, Superior Customer Service, Custom Tailored Program Development, High Quality Workmanship, Global Compliant Sourcing, Competitive Pricing, On Time Delivery, and Global Distribution.

Since 2000, Salsa Professional Apparel has been working with private and public sector organizations manufacturing apparel, accessories and uniform procurements.  Our New York Sales, Design-Order Development and Logistical Planning Office offers clients Real Time Solutions to their Global and National uniform needs. 

We offer Nationwide Domestic Manufacturing and Represent 28 Factories in China as well as facilities in other countries.  All of our large uniform factories are ISO 9001, WRAP, C-TPAT Certified and offer White Glove Service.  Our overseas Quality Assurance Office has In-House laboratory apparatus accreditation from ITS.

Salsa Professional Apparel has the unique capabilities to service high volume as well as smaller uniform clients. We offer Custom Client End to End Program Development, including Design Services and Global Distribution Solutions. 

In 2016, Salsa Professional Apparel became knows as Salsa Professional Apparel & Supplies expanding our product offerings to supply industrial, construction, janitorial and office supplies in support of the needs of our private and public sector clients.

Salsa Professional Apparel & Supplies services these new categories with a professional team of experts specializing within each of these industries.  We offer specific specialties in LED lighting, saving efficiency and evaluations, office furniture & installation, promotional products, lumber, epoxy, waste removal, construction & industrial supplies.     Please call for a consultation or inquiry today. 

NAISC Codes:  238140, 238320, 315190, 315191, 315991, 315999, 315210, 315211, 315212, 315220, 315222, 315234, 315240, 323, 323113, 423210, 423610, 423850, 4241, 424110, 424120, 424690, 424950, 424990, 4532, 453220, 532412, 562111, 562991, 03743, 03778, 42500, 61500, 64000, 64500, 96600, 96686, ESD-D-0750, 214, ESD-F-1074, 1075, ESD-G-0123, 0625, 0739, 0923, 0985

Professional Uniforms, Sports Apparel, Collegiate Apparel, Medical Lab Coats, Scrubs, Hospital Gowns & Cause Related Apparel

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